Boston Vacations – What “The Cradle of Liberty” Has to Offer

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and has been rated as the oldest city in the United State’s history. It is very large and this makes it a wide hub for Boston vacations where people love to unwind during that long holiday. Boston is rich in culture due to the fact that it is a melting pot for many different peoples of the world. It is also referred to as the “The Cradle of Liberty” as it played a huge role in America’s revolution. Boston is also the most exciting city in New England and this guarantees vacationers a holiday to remember.

Boston vacations are characterized by national landmarks that are a must visit. These include cemeteries and parks that make it a unique destination for that vacation. The parks carry with them a lot of history as well as therapeutic value that includes relaxation under the shadows of the beautiful city. The cemeteries harbor remains of some of the world’s most influential people that include patriots and historical figures. There are guides on standby to guide people through these historical pieces. This ensures that people have the desired information at their fingertips.

The freedom trail is a must on a Boston vacation as it links the historical sites of Boston. This trail is 2.5 miles long and with it are 16 sites. This route starts from Boston Common and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument unveiling the beauty of Boston with each step. While on this trail, vacationers will have a chance to taste the delightful cuisine of Italian cooking. This trip takes about three hours and by the time they are over, people have a wealth of knowledge about Boston’s history with them. Some of these sites include Old North Church, Bunker Hill, State House, Paul Revere’s House, and USS Constitution among others.

The New England Aquarium is another of the delights while on a Boston vacation. It has a special giant tank which people are able to sample a coral reef with its rich contents. There are guides on stand by to tell all about the tank and its contents. All questions about the fish species are answered here and marine life lovers will definitely have a treat of a lifetime. Other things that are bound to excite vacationers on their trip include sea lions, electric eels, the penguin colony, and the IMAX Theater among others. Whales will feature prominently on this vacation and people will be able to watch them from the whale watching boats.

Boston vacations will not be complete without sampling her beautiful islands and harbors that endear her even more to vacationers. The cool breeze is welcome after a long day in the hot streets of Boston as well as the delights that come with the waters. Boat cruises are popular on this end and people will enjoy swimming and sand bathing in these beautiful waters. Packed lunch cruises are a favorite delicacy on this vacation and people will keep their taste buds well taken care of.

Finding Best Thailand Tours

Thailand is a beautiful country in South East Asia with Bangkok as her capital. Bangkok is the centre attraction for many holidaymakers and vacationers due to her attraction sites and diversity which makes her a popular hub. She is also home to numerous festivals and religious celebrations which are too symbolic to miss. Many travelers therefore plan their Thailand tours to concur with these beautiful celebrations. Thailand is also home to many activities which endear her to many travelers since there is always something for everyone. She has one of the most amazing coastlines which provide a host of water activities to engage in.

There are many tour companies in Thailand that specialize in guiding visitors on the best way to spend a Thailand tour. They have put in place attractive all inclusive vacation packages that cater for all budgets and expose visitors to the thrills of this magnificent land. Thailand is famed for her many surprises and contrasts which set her apart from other countries of the world. She is home to glittering temples, idyllic beaches, tropical forests, hospitable and friendly people as well as modern shopping malls which provide visitors with a fulfilling shopping experience. There are many gifts and souvenirs to take home as well as a million and one camera shots of this fascination.

Thailand tours guarantee travelers of aquatic fun which includes windsurfing, water skiing, game fishing, diving and sailing among others. She has the most amazing coral reef and this is what motivates many of her travelers to engage in the diving activities. The waterfalls that are in north Thailand are spectacular and these also attract many of her visitors. She has thick mountainous forests which are the natural habitats for her beautiful wildlife. This includes elephants, gibbons, birds and tigers which give a delicious game watch. Also available are large caves with tons of history and trekking to unmask them is one of the many intrigues on this tour.

National parks are synonymous with Thailand tours and holiday makers have to take tours here to make their travel worthwhile. The wildlife available here is fascinating and so is its flora which is just exotic. To get a better tour, travelers are advised to engage in bamboo rafting, sea canoeing, rock climbing and elephant riding. These activities provide a better viewing experience and people are able to sample much of the awesome Thailand. Golfing is another exciting activity here for travelers and there are generous lawns to cater for this. Thailand is home to Buddhism meditation and many visitors come here to learn the tricks of this therapeutic practice.

Thailand tours are made convenient by the many luxurious hotels which cater for the visitor’s accommodation needs. She also has one of the world’s most sophisticated sky trains which cater for the transportation of people from one point to another. Thailand also has inspiring architecture which carries the history of her former inhabitants through the different designs. These include the democracy monument, the national assembly and the numerous temples among others.

The Culture Vulture’s Travel Guide Europe

Going to Europe this year has been more than a little troublesome. In late spring to begin with, there was all the commotion about the Icelandic volcano spewing ashes all over the place that brought air traffic to a standstill. Now, there are travel advisories abroad from the State Department about how we are to take precautions in general when we travel to Europe. For all the trouble it is, is there is still a reason to travel to Europe? You bet, there is. Of course, travel to Europe is all about the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, the Buckingham Palace. But there is a Europe beyond the picture postcard places to visit. And travel guide Europe doesn’t have the time to cover the life, the art, the culture, the music festivals and the films that turn Europe into what it really is.

The problem with getting in touch with the culture of Europe is that most of the exhibitions or shows come and go in an instant. You’ll need to be completely clued in via great websites that help you stay on top of them. It can be quite laborious too, sorting through all that  is available to you. But in the end, there are a few ways to deal with the information overload.

As you will learn on websites like and, cultural festivals crawl out of the woodwork in Europe. Culture here is government subsidized, and the richness of it all can be quite staggering. As you’ll notice, these are websites that deal with information on festivals all around Europe, and not in any particular country. It’s a one-stop shop if you will. If you are traveling for only a couple of days, you want a travel guide Europe has to offer in every discipline without having to wade through too much. Try (yes, European websites come with names like that).

For the easiest way to set your sights on all that’s cultural in Europe, there are all kinds of smartphone apps that can do the hard work for you. For the most obscure culture that Europe can provide, you’ll need to head somewhere other than the apps provided by Frommer’s. You’ll need apps from some of the best offbeat cultural blogs there are. For instance, try TimeOut’s app on the iTunes store. Or on your notebook, try the app from Sonic Living. It looks at all the music you’ve downloaded from iTunes, and suggests concerts around Europe that might be of interest to you. As we said at first, the travel guide Europe approach is a lot less exciting than what you can achieve going off the beaten track.