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Boston Vacations – What “The Cradle of Liberty” Has to Offer

October 20th, 2010 No comments

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and has been rated as the oldest city in the United State’s history. It is very large and this makes it a wide hub for Boston vacations where people love to unwind during that long holiday. Boston is rich in culture due to the fact that it is a melting pot for many different peoples of the world. It is also referred to as the “The Cradle of Liberty” as it played a huge role in America’s revolution. Boston is also the most exciting city in New England and this guarantees vacationers a holiday to remember.

Boston vacations are characterized by national landmarks that are a must visit. These include cemeteries and parks that make it a unique destination for that vacation. The parks carry with them a lot of history as well as therapeutic value that includes relaxation under the shadows of the beautiful city. The cemeteries harbor remains of some of the world’s most influential people that include patriots and historical figures. There are guides on standby to guide people through these historical pieces. This ensures that people have the desired information at their fingertips.

The freedom trail is a must on a Boston vacation as it links the historical sites of Boston. This trail is 2.5 miles long and with it are 16 sites. This route starts from Boston Common and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument unveiling the beauty of Boston with each step. While on this trail, vacationers will have a chance to taste the delightful cuisine of Italian cooking. This trip takes about three hours and by the time they are over, people have a wealth of knowledge about Boston’s history with them. Some of these sites include Old North Church, Bunker Hill, State House, Paul Revere’s House, and USS Constitution among others.

The New England Aquarium is another of the delights while on a Boston vacation. It has a special giant tank which people are able to sample a coral reef with its rich contents. There are guides on stand by to tell all about the tank and its contents. All questions about the fish species are answered here and marine life lovers will definitely have a treat of a lifetime. Other things that are bound to excite vacationers on their trip include sea lions, electric eels, the penguin colony, and the IMAX Theater among others. Whales will feature prominently on this vacation and people will be able to watch them from the whale watching boats.

Boston vacations will not be complete without sampling her beautiful islands and harbors that endear her even more to vacationers. The cool breeze is welcome after a long day in the hot streets of Boston as well as the delights that come with the waters. Boat cruises are popular on this end and people will enjoy swimming and sand bathing in these beautiful waters. Packed lunch cruises are a favorite delicacy on this vacation and people will keep their taste buds well taken care of.

San Francisco Attractions for Kids

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San Francisco is a city that has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to places to take children to. What other city in the world can have two aquaria, one for older children and another for young ones, and have one of them go for free once a month? For children who are slightly older, the aquarium in the Exploratorium provides hours of fun observation. To  parents of the little babies though, a visit to the California Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park offers the chance to visit an exciting aquarium for little babies. Admission here is rather expensive at about $25. But on the third Wednesday of every month, you get in for free. This is one of the best San Francisco attractions ever for young children. Wherever you turn, the most beautifully colored fish surround a visiting baby peering through ceiling high glass tanks, looking like so many bejeweled angels – gentles sea horses, nonchalant sea bass, octopuses and starfish with their suckers wobbling about and ethereal looking  jellyfish wafting by. It’s practically baby heaven.

Another cool and great place to take the baby would be the Cartoon Art Museum. The price of admission is $6, unless a child is younger than six. In that case, they get in for free. The museum goes back through history to look at how the traditions of the modern cartoon and the strip comic book arose. They have comic history from Japan and the Far East and trace the history of this art form through England and America. The museum isn’t exactly popular, and children can have a great time peering at what children have laughed at for ages before. They can have free computer animation screenings every now and then, of classics like Grinning Evil Death. San Francisco attractions can be perfect for children in this way – highbrow and fun all at the same time.

And finally, the Exploratorium is as great place to visit as the name promises, even if young children may find most of the attractions a little above their heads. They can try their hand at a hysterical attraction called Painting with Light, and they can look at plants trying to trap insects.

As you can see, San Francisco is a city where you can easily have a child feel completely entertained without ever having to go near one of the traditional child friendly attractions that other cities have  – zoos, circuses or regular museums.

Finding The Best New Hampshire Vacations

October 15th, 2010 No comments

New Hampshire vacations provide the vacationer with activities that make it engaging and entertaining throughout the holiday. New Hampshire is one of the states in New England and has an opening to the Atlantic Ocean which means more water fun on this vacation. Water sports will include scuba diving, kite surfing and deep sea diving among others. Swimming in the lovely turquoise waters will be a favorite pastime as well as spending those lazy afternoons lying on the white sandy beaches. Watching the sun set later on in the evening is a sight to behold while on this vacation. Fishing is another sport that will make this vacation worth remembering.

A New Hampshire vacation will not be complete without visiting the seacoast science center which is located in Odiorne Point State Park in Rye. This center seeks to educate the vacationers on the natural sciences. They make it more exciting by including exhibitions in their programs to ensure that it does not get boring. While still here, guests will be thrilled by the wildlife which has found a home in the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Here, they will be able to sample the interesting wildlife in their natural habitats. These will include sea otters, owls, bears and bobcats among others.

Entertainment and amusement are part and parcel of New Hampshire vacations and vacationers will have a great time enjoying group tours to her various attractions. Boat rides are a fascinating idea while on this vacation and people will feel relaxed just as they expected. The cruises are a wealth of knowledge and people also have the opportunity to learn a lot. There is nothing more fun than having so much fun while learning something new. There will be no dull moment on this vacation and the scenic tours will provide the much needed therapy that makes people find an escape from the day to day bustles and hustles of life.

The summer music festival is a must-attend while on New Hampshire vacations. The fun during this period is not worth missing. There are so many vacationers who gather here for these celebrations and this provides an important opportunity to acquaint oneself with the culture of the New Hampshire people. It also provides a great chance to meet new people and form long lasting relationships. Children will have humongous fun here and you might have a hard time trying to bring them to leave New Hampshire. The summer music festival also provides a great chance to shop around for souvenirs.

New Hampshire vacations get even more exciting when people go on a cruise on one of her many lakes. Be it a daytime or a moonlit cruise, the vacationers will have a time of their lives. Daytime cruises allow for bird watching and fishing and this is a real adventure. The moonlit cruise opens up peoples’ eyes to the breathtaking skyline of New Hampshire as the magical sun disappears down the horizon. Whale watching will be a great adventure. Ensure the camera is fully charged in order to capture all of the enticing moments.