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The Benefits of a Travel Towel

October 10th, 2010 No comments

If you travel a lot chances are you spend lots of times in airplanes, on buses or trains, and in hotels.  And if you travel a lot then you’ve probably noticed that the towels they have in the hotels aren’t always that great, in fact some of them just plain hurt to use.  If you’ve never heard of a travel towel you’re in for a treat because these towels are specially designed towels for traveling that make the little personal hygiene things so much better.

To give you a little background, travel towels are made from microfiber which is a material that combines two different types of fibers (nylon and polyester) in very small fibers and when woven together the material becomes incredibly absorbent.  Microfiber is able to absorb nearly 7 times more water than a cotton towel of the same size and it does so faster and gentler.  But what makes the microfiber travel towels so beneficial is the towel’s ability to quickly dry off.  So if you spend a lot of time in airports and want to try and freshen up, you could take this small towel saturate it with water and clean yourself up a little.  Then when you’re finished you can wring the towel out to the point where it’s barely wet at all.  You can then throw the towel into your luggage and be on your way.

Getting the larger travel towel is great for business and leisure travel and will undoubtedly replace the hotel towels.  The towels for travel are so much softer and provide a little bit of luxury while you’re out on the road.  And when it comes time to pack up, the microfiber towel will dry in a hurry.  Because of the design the towel can shed water quickly and won’t be damp and musty ruining your other clothes.