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Luxury Train Travel: Planning A Unique Vacation

March 5th, 2010 No comments

In the days when train travel was the standard means of transportation, luxury train travel was available to those with the money and time to enjoy it. Today, you don’t have to be rich or famous to experience the same time of luxurious appointments when traveling by rail. In Europe, North America, Australia and Asia you can choose private railway cars for your trip. The reason for the trip doesn’t have to be earth-shaking, some people choose a birthday, anniversary or business meeting with a unique location.

Private rail cars are available in various styles. The restored cars can date back to the 1900s, but the restored in everything from Victorian to the the 1950s. Typically, the cars provide nostalgia but are also exceptional in including all the comforts of a moving hotel suite.

A private rail car includes such things as multiple private bedrooms, a shower, meal buffet, cocktail lounge, television and VCR players. If you prefer your music via tape deck or a CD player, that’s just a part of the amenities provided on today’s luxury cars. In addition to all the creature comforts, you get the benefit of the scenery surrounding the tracks on which you travel.

Another popular way to hold a conference or business meeting is by chartering a rail car with a fully appointed kitchen, complete with a chef who presides over the facilities. A group of executives can concentrate on the business at hand while enjoying food equivalent to a five-star kitchen. Think about holding your next business conference in a unique and exciting boardroom on the rails.

European travelers enjoy chartering a private railway car to get to a sports event as a group. They get the luxury of roomy accommodations and can add food and comfortable seating. Consider this option in the U. S. When you want to take your hometown fans to an away basketball or football game in another city.

Traveling by luxury car allows you to take short trips such as a dinner trip. You can charter your travel time to be suitable for an all-day business meeting. This is also a great way to take a group to a point of interest. Cars can be rented for single family vacation of scenic interest while providing all the needs for a family.

You can get the ambiance of such luxury train travel experience as the Orient Express. Searching the Internet for train travel experiences will allow you to create your own private railway car experience. Use a short stretch of track or a week long trek from coast to coast.