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How to Make the Most Out Of Your Trip to Alicante

May 11th, 2010 No comments

Alicante Spain, also known as Alicant in traditional Valencian, is a very wonderful city that is perfectly situated in the southern part of Spain. This wondrous province started from humble beginnings until it profusely developed over the years. Today, the quiet city has evolved into a bountiful tourist hotspot and a highly preferred place for immigrants and foreign expatriates. If you are a frequent traveler or an avid explorer, you should put Alicante on the top of your priority list.

Means of Transportation

There are different ways to travel in Alicante. If driving is your thing, there are various car rental shops where you can rent a car for your convenience; car hire in Alicante is relatively cheap most of the year round. For those who are interested in commuting, there are buses, taxis, trains and the famous streetcar train, also known as the Tram streetcar. Commuting reduces your risk of being lost. Moreover, it is also a great way to experience a real freedom in your sightseeing.


Most of the hotels are located in the downtown area and around the seafront. There are luxury hotels and economy class motels to choose from. There are rentable private condos for those who are planning to stay for an extended period. The private condos are also ideal for those who are traveling together with a big group. For nature enthusiasts, they can stay on various campsites that are usually located along the coastlines.


Party till you drop in nightlife locations such as Old Town and El Barrio. Get amused with the historical landmarks like the Santa Barbara Castle, enthralling vistas over Mount Benacantil and feel the rush while running along the Explanada d’ Espanya. Tourists often visit Alicante because of their fine beaches that are open all year round. The most popular is the San Juan Beach where there are busy cafes and restaurants and even a golf course for the avid golf player. Another most visited beach is the Postiguet Beach that spreads along the Santa Barbara castle. For those who wants to go on a diving escapade, the Isla De Tarbaca is the perfect location.

Alicante has so many great things in store for you. With its rich culture and amazing landmarks, every tourist will surely love to visit the amorous beauty of Alicante again and again. This place is really perfect for the honeymooners and adventurous explorers. Touring in Alicante will always be a splendid experience for you and your beloved ones.

Finding a Great Honeymoon Destination

May 8th, 2010 No comments

Finding information about honeymoon destinations is not difficult at all. If you are out and about shopping, you can stop by most any bookstore and find a travel section. You will have more books than you can look through in a day. And you may find honeymoon destination ideas that would never have thought of otherwise.

Another source would be to ask family and friends. Maybe you have some coworkers who married in recent years and can give some good advice on choosing a place for your honeymoon trip. And it doesn’t have to be a honeymoon but any traveling that they have done and the experiences they had can be instructive. The more recent their trip, the better the information is going to be.

There are still travel agents around who may have years of experiences in helping couples plan their honeymoons. They know the most popular destinations and the places that offer the best deals and honeymoon packages. They can give you priceless advice and honeymoon ideas that may save you money and some disappointment. They can help make sure that your all inclusive honeymoon package is truly all-inclusive. Look for travel agents that specialize in honeymoon travel or at least in the part of the world you are interesting  in visiting.

You may be fortunate enough to already be part of a travel club where you could find some special rates on travel and accommodations. This may be a benefit where you work, or is attached to a membership such as the Costco membership. It won’t hurt to check with them to see if they just happen to have a great travel deal.

Don’t forget all the websites that are loaded with all kinds of information for the engaged couple. Most sites, unless they are too specialized, will have a section on honeymoon preparations and travel.

Whoever you get advice from and maybe get your travel plans arranged with, that you do the proper amount of checking into the company so that you know they are on the up and up.