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What Are The Best Canada Vacations?

October 30th, 2010 No comments

Canada vacations offer the vacationers the best of Canada’s attractions that make the vacation the best ever. Canada is a country that is surrounded by water masses that include the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. This means that water sports and beach fun will carry the day when on this vacation. Her lovely beaches are alluring and the turquoise waters even more tempting for that swim or scuba diving. Boat rides and surfing are common events on this vacation and vacationers will be treated to the best when it comes to ocean life.

Canada is a happy land and her inhabitants’ love life and eat it with a big spoon. Music festivals grace the beautiful cities and party people will love the Canada vacations. Quebec is a French city in Canada that is full of life and vigor and this makes it a desirable destination for many vacationers. The rich heritage of the Canada people is well represented here and this makes Québec an ideal destination for that vacation. The architecture used here is amazing and this makes an interesting tour while on this vacation. The population here is mostly French speaking and this brings back the delightful French memories.

The Niagara Falls make that Canada vacation worth taking to sample the world’s most famous water falls. The sight is one to behold and the surroundings make it even more amusing. People will have a great time taking photos of this amazing act of Mother Nature. Shopping is second nature here and there are enough souvenir shops near the falls. Wax museums are present as well as world record museums. The night on this side of Canada is thrilling with the mighty falls now fully lit to bring out the most intriguing views of all times.

A Canada vacation would not be complete without engaging in one of her most famous tour activities. This will take people to Toronto, which is an amazing city as well as its environs. These tours may either be private, specialty, step-on guide or ghost tours and they will open up to many activities. These include sight seeing as well as taking a different view of the city both at night and during the day. The CN Tower is the tallest tower in the world and this attracts many visitors to the site. It also provides a wonderful view all over Toronto and people may even see the Niagara Falls from here.

The Toronto island park is a must visit while on Canada vacations as it holds four beautiful islands. These islands have beaches, amusement rides for children as well as trails that make the vacation action packed. It is important to take a break for some pampering and the countless spas in Canada provide the much-needed spoils. These give the vacationers a relaxing time and rejuvenate them to continue their adventures of this land. They will be able to get pedicures, facials, massage therapies, and manicures to ensure that they are in top form.