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Vacations in Cambodia and Enjoy the Culturally Rich Nation

March 22nd, 2010 No comments

There are many locations which are worth visiting in Cambodia and many of them are located in Battambang city, the provincial capital of Battambang province situated in the north-western region of the country. There is a distinct French influence noticeable in the city’s structures, in particular the temples of Buddha; on the other hand you can also visit some French shops to buy some traditional and antique items. As you enter the city you will get a general feeling of peace and calm, and this effect is enhanced when visitors visit the countryside which is full of greenery.

The Royal Palace of Cambodia standing in the capital city, Phnom Penh, is a very popular location among tourists. Phnom Penh has a special feature that it is located at an area where three rivers meet. The Royal Palace is considered to be a structure containing many priceless artifacts and treasures, while it’s located along side the river Tonle Sap adds to the grandeur of the famous building. The Royal Palace holds ‘The Throne Room’ which only hints towards the highly traditional ceremonial life led by the Kings, on the other hand, ‘The Napoleon Room’ is a distinct evidence of the immense level of French influence on the Cambodian culture. Despite all the attractions, the ‘Silver Pagoda’ catches everyone’s attention as it holds a truly amazing Buddhist statue made of solid gold, moreover, it is adorned with magnificent gems including diamonds. A visit to Silver Pagoda is part of every tourist’s schedule because of the magnificent Buddha gold statue. Apart from the too-good-to-be-true statue placed in ‘Silver pagoda’ the whole Palace has countless little Buddha figurines also made of gold.

You can always visit Phnom Penh’s markets to get to purchase some items having historical significance, meanwhile breathtaking gold and silver jewelry offered there also acts as a major attractive force for tourists. As a tourist you will get value for your money in the Cambodian markets, as ancient coins, high-quality clothing, beautiful artworks and delicious traditional food can make up your tour to Cambodia a resounding success.

Spectacular frescoes decorating the Palace’s walls very accurately depict the epic Ramayana, while you can also set your eyes on works of art both pre-Angkor and post-Angkor in the beautiful National Museum made of red brick.

A visit to Angkor is part of every tourist’s schedule, as the city has high Hindu influence also depicted in its temples, meanwhile its significance can recognized from the fact that it was the capital city of the old Khmer Empire. Angkor city is famous for two great temples, namely, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom; at the same time the gates of Bayon temple and Prohm temple also act as a magnet to draw tourists. While the city of Angkor has failed to grab hold of its old glory, tourists still feel captivated and mesmerized by its sights.

Sihanoukville is rapidly getting popular as a beach resort among tourists especially in summer. You can have some real fun at the beach as apart from swimming and scuba diving you can always choose to relax under the sun and get a tan. You can even rent a boat and give your family a closer peak into the aqua life living in the shores of Cambodia, while you can also sail to neighboring picturesque islands.