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Australia Vacation Packages Self-Drive Option

April 7th, 2010 No comments

Getting around Australia can be done, for the most part, on motorcoach, particularly tours done on the east coast of the continent.  A self-drive option is a great way to see more of the “out-of-the-way” places that can enrich your vacation.  Many vacation packages to Australia include a self-drive option for part of the itinerary, or you can select it for the entire trip.  Here are a few things to consider for the self-drive option.

With a valid driver license you can rent a car from some of the international name rental companies such as Hertz, or you can select from local operators.  It will be important to get the maximum insurance possible, which will require a higher rental rate per day, to reduce the deductible you would pay should you get into an accident.  Be sure to read the insurance terms and restrictions to see what is or isn’t covered.  If you’re planning a long trek, be sure you can get unlimited kilometers.  Remember that you drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car.

If you’re looking to head into the Outback or want to be able to go off-road, you will need to get a four-wheel drive vehicle.  These will usually have a higher rental rate and more restrictive insurance requirements.  Being well-equipped is of utmost importance, since you’ll often be in the middle of nowhere.  It is recommended that you have several days worth of water, a tow rope, a high frequency radio transceiver, as well as two spare tires.  Remember that some roads are not passable during rain season, and some of the more challenging routes should not be done during the hottest parts of the year due to overheating and heat exhaustion.

Driving on your Australia vacation can be a lot of fun, just be sure to be highly prepared and stay safe.  The self-drive option is pretty much always at your own expense so be sure to budget for it in your vacation package.

Accommodations For All Budgets In The Sunshine Coast Region

March 15th, 2010 No comments

The Sunshine Coast of Australia is a fabulous vacation destination for all types of travel. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family, you will find that in addition to all the fun there is to be had, there are also many fabulous beaches as well as beach accommodations. When you are searching for the perfect place to stay you should be sure to give great consideration to Rainbow Beach. There are many accommodations available for you to choose from on Rainbow Beach. There are accommodations suitable for all budget types, from the rich and famous to the young backpacker. Rainbow Beach is located at the point of Fraser Island, and is a great place to stay, whether it be a day or a week. Another great thing about Rainbow Beach is that you can enjoy both surfing and calms waters, since it has easy access to the Great Sandy Straights. This allows you to sit on the beach and soak in the calm waters, or head into the water for some water surfing fun. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve during your holiday. If you are planning a holiday on a budget than you may wish to consider the Rainbow Beach hostel which will afford you with a place to stay while in the region; more expensive accommodations include self contained units and resorts. There are even holiday homes that can be leased through the Rainbow Shores Resort. This beachfront resort offers luxury accommodations that include all the extras that you would expect from luxury accommodations like tennis courts, horseback riding and golf. Vacation apartments, on Rainbow Beach, can bealso  reserved.