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Air Travel Tips

December 26th, 2010 No comments

Air travel is a fantasy for many and it is important to have the air travel tips handy. Packing is important and not having the right items in that suitcase can make the trip disastrous. These include toiletries, travel documents, money and attires suitable for the destination. Breakable items also require careful packaging to ensure that they get to their destination intact. It is also important to pick an airline that does not have too many limitations on space especially if you have a lot of luggage.

Another of the air travel tips is on the choice of seat since some can be quite uncomfortable. Aisle seats are ideal for those who are very tall since they have enough stretching space for the legs. A bulk head seat also serves the purpose and the bait here is to make an early booking that enables you to get the seat you want. Travelling with a friend is a great idea since this lessens the miles as you will keep talking and this takes focus from the aspect of distance. Other than good company, the invasion of sharing a seat with a total stranger is cut out and you will definitely enjoy your personal space.

Air sickness is common with many travellers and it is important to get a motion sickness drug. The air travel tip here is to take the drug before take off and this means before you start feeling unwell. This is because its efficacy reduces if someone is already experiencing the air sickness. These drugs require the prescription of a health professional though Dramamine works just fine and can be got over the counter. Other recommended drugs include scopolamine and Bonine, though they do not fail to come with side effects. These include a blurry vision, a dry mouth and one may loose memory too though this is temporal.

An air travel tip that works all the time is choosing to fly non stop. Direct flights may not be direct as per se since they tend to have several stop over and this causes a lot of delays. This means that you will spend more hours on your flight than you expected. Ensuring that you are using the exact names in your ID is a must since a deviation can cause problems. Security officers at the airport are always on their toes checking for such discrepancies. It is also important to ensure that you have all the required documents to avoid delays.

Another of the important air travel tips is to carry some earplugs due to the noise emitted by airplanes. This noise is easy to ignore but believe me by the time you get to your destination you will be completely worn out. Many planes lack built in sound systems and this explains the extreme noises. It is however important to clear with the airline since some have restrictions on the usage of earplugs. The food served by the airlines may not be pleasant to many people especially those with allergies. Ensure that you bring your own food and clear it in the plane since many countries do not allow food imports.

Can You Trust Air Travel Deals Advertised on the Internet?

October 17th, 2010 No comments

When USAir advertises fares at $100, but when they balloon to $300 when you try to take advantage of them because of the taxes and fees, does that count as advertising fraud? When at any miserable dive in America, they feel free to add on a resort fee to the advertised room rate, are they really allowed to do that? When in the papers they have air travel deals advertising flights to Europe starting at $129, should they be forced to make good on their promise?

Travel articles that dispense advice on how to save money traveling, always tell you to sign up for e-mail alerts from all kinds of travel services for discounts and deals there might be on offer. The question is though, how do you know that those deals are real and not just teases? The language used in those offers are always about caveats like ‘available for certain destinations’ or ‘offer subject to availability’.

Jet Blue Cheeps are its offers put out on Twitter. They usually advertise a handful of seats, and announce the deadline. As time goes on, the available seats run out. But JetBlue offers are usually advertised for the number of seats available clearly shown.

Most travel deals advertised will be available on certain dates alone. Where companies try to make it look like their deals are available for a longer time than they really are, that is where they cross the line. If those dates are listed at all, they’ll usually be buried in fine print at the bottom of the page. If a company doesn’t make it clear without sending you to the fine print section the dates on which a deal is available, youI should probably leave it alone. Consumer forums around the Internet are rife with complaints over how travel websites refuse to publish taxes and fees, and how they refuse to make it easy to find out the timeframe air travel deals are available in. They do this because it’s cheap advertising for them this way.

In general, offers on hotel stays, unlike air travel deals, are likely to be more worthwhile looking into. And that would be especially true of advertising done by a particular hotel as opposed to advertising done by a travel website for all hotels in the destination. Advertising by a travel website usually is less reliable than advertising by a specific airline, hotel or anything else. For instance, when a travel website advertises a car rental rate of $15 a day over a weekend, that usually doesn’t include major destinations like LA or NYC. When a car rental agency like Hertz makes such a claim, it usually includes every single major city.

The only consolation here is that bait and switch ads are nothing new to us. We have had these on flyers and newspaper ads forever. It’s just that e-mail and the Internet make it much easier for them to go back on their word.

Selecting Sturdy International Travel Luggage

August 1st, 2010 No comments

Overseas travel is hard on the body, mind and belongings – yes, that was not a mistake, you read it right: belongings. That is why it is so important to have sturdy international travel luggage. It might be overkill to purchase metal case, air tight roller bags; then again, it might not. And unless you are traveling from Los Angeles to Japan or New York to London, chances are, you will have a number of transfers before coming to your final destination. That means more stress on you and your luggage and more stress on you if you are worried about that luggage making it safely to the same place you do. Keeping in mind the many challenges of international travel will help you to find good luggage for the trip.

The first challenge is indeed, the physical wear of long travel. Being sure that your luggage is not crushed will bring you a peace of mind that is worth the price tag. Titan manufactures a number of Polycarbonate suitcases that can take a beating and not be crushed. Whether you choose plastic or metal, do the right thing and find a case that can endure a round in the bumper car rink.

The second challenge is selecting international travel luggage that can be safely, securely labelled. Everyone would be happier if they could count on the mental prowess of the people around them, but that is simply not the case. It is too easy for your luggage to end up on the wrong flight even if it has a neon sign flashing the destination at the airport loading crew. To reduce the chances of your bag going to Reno while you fly to Bangkok, finding luggage that is made to be clearly labelled is ideal. You will want to look for clear sleeve label slots such as those found on most Samsonite luggage.

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