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Planning For an African Vacation

October 17th, 2010 No comments

African vacations are exciting in their own way, which is unique and adventurous as compared to other countries. Having over 50 countries to choose from is tricky and people must get confused over where to get to first. Nevertheless, whichever African country people settle for they will definitely have a time of their lives. Africa is a wonderful continent and her breathtaking wildlife and tantalizing topography make the vacation even more exciting. People will have an opportunity to experience the different cultures, the flora and fauna as well as the languages that make the African continent so unique.

An African vacation may take people all they way to Egypt, Cairo which is an ideal haven to indulge in outdoor activities that include wildlife and nature. Outdoor activities such as bird watching and golf, and watching natural wonders will be a favorite pass time on this vacation. Egypt is a beautiful land with a rich history and culture and it will be great watching the phenomenal pyramids, which characterize her heritage. Sightseeing will also be a great idea as well as visiting the museums to sample the best in this magical land. Entertainment and amusement will warm up this vacation with Egypt’s tantalizing nightlife.

Mauritius is a beautiful African country that gives people a thrilling African vacation experience. Mauritius is home to beautiful islands, nature, reefs, zoos, and museums. She also has wildlife parks where people can enjoy watching the exotic wild. Sports make this vacation even more exciting as people play golf and engage in water activities such as canoeing, water rafting, and scuba diving. Her beaches will provide vacationers with a load of fun as they swim in the magical waters. Scenic places like the Trou aux Cerfs make Mauritius the best destination ever and people will be thrilled by the wonders of Mother Nature.

Kenya is a must visit while on that African vacation and her fascinating world known wildlife will definitely steal the day. Kenya has the famous five animals that include the lion, elephant, cheetah, buffalo, and the rhino and these make her a favorite among animal enthusiasts. Kenya is also home to beautiful beaches along the Kenyan coast, which are awesome for a swim and water sports. The culture of the Kenyan people stands out and they are so hospitable making this vacation one of a kind. Other attractions include the famous wildebeest migration along the Mara River that traverses the Masai Mara.

South Africa is top on the African vacation destinations having recently hosted the world Cup 2010. She is beautiful and well endowed with beautiful parks where people get to watch the wild animals and nature. She has a rich history that is preserved in her museums. She also has a tower that acts as an observation deck to her frequent visitors. The gold reef city is home to a magnificent casino, an amusement park, and a historic village and this is necessary visit while in Johannesburg, South Africa. Other attractions here include the Bunny Park, the Johannesburg Fort, art galleries, and aquariums among others.

Adventure Travel Through Africa

October 8th, 2010 No comments

Africa is a beautiful continent that assures travelers of an adventurous tour through her rich and unique heritage. Come and enjoy her rich wildlife that guarantees to blow up your imagination with her real and amazing animals. An adventure travel through Africa will open up your eyes to the magnificent things in life. You coil in your couch while you watch that national geographic but come to Africa and have a thrill of a lifetime. You will get to see these animals live in their natural habitats and this can be nothing but pure adventure. Meet the big five of Africa that will definitely send a chill down your spine. The mighty lion with its roar, the heavy elephant with its huge stump, the rhino with its all so graceful horn, the leopard with its fascinating record breaking speeds and the all so awesome buffalo that will thrill you with its huge physique and large curled horns.

Other animals that would interest you include reptiles such as pythons and other species of snakes. Watching them at close range is nothing but hair rising and you will not have enough snap shots to take back home. So, just make sure that your camera is fully charged to ensure that you do not suffer an embarrassing moment of a low battery when you want to capture the lion devouring a wailing gazelle. Other than the fauna, Africa is home to fascinating flora and the adventure travel through Africa will unravel this mystery to you. Watch the beautiful tropical flowers blossom and get to smell their awesome scents that fill you with inner peace. They make the whole wild look peaceful and beautiful and you would give anything to have a piece of it.

The natural attractions will definitely take your breath away and these will sure keep you coming back to Africa. The most fascinating features that include high mountains, long rivers, magnificent waterfalls, deserts, and amazing rocks are all in Africa. The famed latest addition to the wonders of the world includes the wildebeest migration that takes you to Kenya to watch this intriguing migration. The national parks in Africa will be memories you will live with for the longest time thanks to the adventure travel through Africa. The beautiful islands of Zanzibar will bring you to the breathtaking coastline that fascinates you with its warm and inviting sandy beaches coupled with the warm waters of Africa.

An adventure travel through Africa will teach you several lessons on the culture of the Africans. These people have not allowed their culture to be eroded and this provides an interesting interaction with them. Their hospitality is significant to no other and you will feel so much at home that you would wish to live here forever. Their cuisine is unique and it will be an adventure getting to taste these foods from the different tribes of Africa. Fall in love with the beautiful weather that sends beautiful sunrays to your hotel suite signifying yet another beautiful morning to unravel the mystery of this prolific land.