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Straight Up Vacation Fun – All Inclusive Cruises Package

April 29th, 2010 No comments

Everyone deserves a good vacation, especially in today’s stressful and changing times.  A vacation is inclusive of all excitement, serenity, solitude, romantic, and luxurious happenings in a traveler’s life.  A vacation can be well planned out or just a reaction to the impulsive calls of a bored and tired feet.  Whichever situation suits you, it is always advisable to check on the latest all inclusive cruises packages the travel and tours agencies are offering.  Take note of the following guidelines to cheer you up:

  • All inclusive cruises mean a whole lot of fun, out-of-this-world, complete, filled-with-exciting-out-of-reality events, and escape from the idle reality.
  • On an all inclusive cruises, everything is included: meals, fun and games, sports, entertainment, and places to explore.  It is a floating restaurant and a floating resort at the same time.  Each cruise trip entitles you a ticket to glorious fun and excitement!

What Things Should You Consider in Buying All Inclusive Cruises Package?

If the trip is well planned out or just a flicker of an exciting and impulsive decision, it is highly recommended to be acquainted with the different cruise packages so as to get the best prize for the price of the tour you purchase.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Places to go – There are a lot of cruise packages you can get online.  Caribbean cruises are the most popular ones among Hawaiian Cruise, Alaskan Cruise, Bermuda Cruise, Mediterranean Cruise and Bahamas Cruise.  If this is your first time to take a cruise ship tour, it is highly recommended to take the Caribbean cruise before anything else.  If it is your second time or nth time to take a cruise ship, try exploring the Bermuda or Alaska for a good adventure.
  • Schedule – Always book your flights one day early before the cruise starts to whistle off the oceans.  It is advisable to be there one day in advance so you may not miss the trip.  Also, consider cruises that start on weekends—this will allow you to make the most of your last weekday for office errands, et cetera.
  • Insurance – Most of the cruise packages offer insurance—some will be given away for free and some you will have to pay in addition to your cruise travel expenses.

Additional Tips for Your Cruise Travel

  • Do not bring all your clothes.  In short, do not over pack.  Only pack the basic clothes you wear and skip the other pair of formal boots or high heels.  Flip flops are very necessary.  Bring at most two pairs of swimming attire.
  • Remember to tip.  Tipping from $3-$10 is already good, but be sensitive because some luxury lines do not allow tipping.


Hotels vs. Timeshares, Which is Best

April 13th, 2010 No comments

If you are considering buying or even selling a timeshare you need to take a hard look at some facts and crunch some numbers before you make any commitments. Lets take a hard look at the actual differences between staying in a hotel or staying in a timeshare.

First, the largest expense on many holidays is the room and board. The average cost of a hotel room is above $100 and this is a national average, not taking into account highly desirable areas that people go on vacation. It is also not taking into account that on a vacation you often need more space than just one or two beds. This $100 fee will almost most certainly not get you any type of special amenities, a W/D, in room kitchen, or multiple televisions.

Many booking fees for vacation club timeshares stand at about $100 for the entire stay. When you contrast that with the $300-400 you will pay at a desirable vacation destination per night you are not even in the same ball park. Seven nights at a mid level resort will easily cost you $3000, plus taxes, flights, and activities on your vacation.

If you consider that you will take 2 weeks of vacation per year you are looking at $6000 easy in hotel bills. You would have to pay almost $40,000 for a timeshare to have a bill in the neighborhood of $6000 per year. That is considering a 10% interest rate and a 10 year payment term. Both of which you can reduce.

That said. The $6000 a year you spend on hotel bills is money that is gone. You will never see it again and you will certainly not be able to go back to the same resort for $100 the next year. Compare this to a timeshare that is paid off by your $6000 per year in ten years. At which point you can pay your booking fee and your yearly maintenance fee and take a vacation that is much cheaper than $3000 for 7 nights.

I am not going to try to tell you that a timeshare is a good investment because there are much better avenues to wealth but it is a much better alternative than throwing your money at hotels. So, if you are considering buying a timeshare, buy right and if you are considering selling a timeshare, think about the numbers before you sell.

Log cabins in Hampshire (UK)

April 11th, 2010 No comments

If you’re looking to do something different for a family holiday this year then you may well want to consider taking a log cabin holiday. The south coast of the UK is generally a much warmer area than the northern parts and during the summer temperatures can reach up to 30°+, it is not only the weather is the main attraction of visiting the south the UK though as there are many exciting things to do and fantastic sights to see.

There are many national parks in the south of England that are a pleasure to visit at any time a year. The quality of beaches is also second to none with many of them have been awarded the blue flag.  If you like cycling and walking or even canoeing and other sea-based water sports then you will not find a better area in the UK to visit .

There are many log cabins throughout the south the UK, some are individually owned privately and others are part of holiday parks. If you have a family with young children I would perhaps suggest going to a holiday park – because they have so many activities indoors and outdoors to keep your children entertained for hours on end. We all know that well entertained children means a nice and relaxing time you. If you just fancy getting away for a peaceful and relaxing break then you may want to look at smaller log cabin developments that feature privately owned cabins. has to be one of the most comprehensive lists of log cabins available to rent for holidays in the UK. Not only can you judge how big a site is by looking at the number of cabins that are shown on this list, you can also tell if they accept pets or not. It is a great way to shortlist a suitable log cabin for your break.