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Sell A Timeshare

February 28th, 2010 No comments

Did you know that Florida has more time shares than any other state in the United States? And Orlando is the king of the time share cities? Coming second in popularity is the great state of Colorado. Not only does Colorado have skiing in the winter, it has the Rocky Mountain summers to offer. Summers of hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing or just gazing at the breathtaking views.

And California is not far behind with it’s diverse climates and outdoor activities. Lake Tahoe is always a popular, year around time share haven. If you are looking for great shows, entertainment and gaming, there is always ever-popular Las Vegas. You can buy a time share tucked away in a quiet area or right in the middle of the activities.

Why are time shares so popular? Time shares offer elegant accommodations in popular locations at an attractive price. However, time shares are a major investment and should be carefully considered. Not everyone needs or should buy a time share. The added values time shares give to vacationers would help many, if not most, people. People that take vacations at the same time every year will enjoy the convenience of a time share in an area they love to visit. On the other side, many people get sick of going to the same place every year and decide to be one of the many to sell a timeshare after just a few short years.  Be aware you will still have to pay the maintenance cost of your unit if you fail to sell your time slot. So plan before you buy how you will get the most benefit from your time share.

Time shares are very expensive to sell considering their initial cost. The resorts include these marketing costs in the price of the time share to the new buyer. Potential buyers are plied with attention, gifts, wined and dined to entice them to invest in the time share.  When you compare this type of marketing with a direct mail promotion, you can see how much more the wining and dining way costs. Plus the wining and dining only works on one buyer at a time. And you, as a new time share owner, get to pay for it. This causes the time share to drop in value, as soon as it is purchased. According to sell my timeshare news about 50% of the value is lost as soon as the purchase is made. Therefore, time shares are not a way to increase your financial porfolio or to make money on. If you are a smart shopper, you can pick up a resale time share for a lot less than the resort’s offer.

Madesimo Hotels

February 17th, 2010 No comments

The ski resort town of Madesimo, Italy, is a relatively small ski station in the province of Sondrio. With forty-eight kilometers of downhill ski pistes (twenty-nine pistes and eighteen lifts) and five kilometers of cross-country ski trails, the Madesimo ski resort is ideal for intermediate skiers and for advanced beginners, while also offering ski runs that will challenge the very experienced skiers in the group. In addition to being an excellent skiing mountain, Madesimo Italy is also an attractive destination for snowboarders, who will appreciate its two snow and terrain parks.

There exist several Madesimo hotel options for visitors of various tastes. Two websites that offer reliable information and overviews, as well as candid traveler reviews of Madesimo hotels, are and In addition to accessing information about the multiple area hotels, these websites also offer visitors the convenience of booking online.

In addition to the traditional resort-style hotels available in the area, there also exists one hostel, located approximately three kilometers outside of the town of Madesimo, and very close to the ski lift areas. Casa delle Nevi Hostel is affiliated with the Hostelling International association, and offers the choice of double rooms, and rooms with four or six beds. Online booking is also possible for Casa delle Nevi, through the website

Before planning your Madesimo ski vacation, consider researching snowfall averages and past years’ weather reports, in order to determine the best chance of arriving during optimal skiing conditions.

Although it is advisable to research weather conditions prior to booking a ski vacation, Madesimo has a great advantage over other resorts, due to its location. The resort proper is located at an altitude of 1550 meters, while the highest lift goes to 2880 meters. This advantage of altitude means that Madesimo is likely to have better and more reliable snow conditions, at any given time, than a resort that is lower to sea level. Better snow conditions throughout the season means that all of Madesimo’s 48 ski runs are likely to be open throughout the season, and visitors run less of a risk of arriving during a period of poor snow conditions.

Choose to book a Madesimo ski vacation for your next wintertime Italian Lakes holidays, and enjoy all that the cozy resort town has to offer, both on the slopes, and off.

Airline Tickets For Under $100

February 9th, 2010 No comments

I have always been a sucker for a bargain, so when I found an airline ticket for under 100 dollars, I actually had to brag. It wasn’t an airline tickets anywhere exotic, but nonetheless the price could not be beat. It was a ticket to South Carolina, and it was just in the nick of time. There was a bluegrass festival going on there, and I was desperate to see it. Some very good friends of mine were going to be there playing, and they had told me that I could play along if I showed up. I knew that I would have to find cheap tickets if I was going to make it. After all, I was pretty broke.

There were plenty of cheap airline tickets available that time of year the winter but no airline tickets for under 100 dollars. I wasn’t surprised by this fact, but I was determined to find something a little bit cheaper. I had a friend who worked in the airline business, and I asked him to help me out. He was usually pretty hesitant about doing favors, but he was also a big fan of bluegrass so he pulled some strings. Because he was an employee of the airlines, he could easily find an airline ticket for under 100 dollars. It was all just a matter of transferring the ticket to me. It required a little bit of finagling, but he was able to do it.

What surprised me was that sometimes you really can find an airline ticket for under 100 dollars online. When I came back from the trip, I looked around out of curiosity. I looked at all the destinations I had thought about traveling to, and most of them cost at least 200 if not quite a bit more. Nonetheless, I did find an airline ticket for under 100 dollars into Idaho. Although Idaho is only four or five hours drive for me, it still might be worth it for a quick weekend trip. Sometimes, time is worth more than money. Spending a hundred dollars for a trip isn’t really too bad if you get to see friends and take a much needed vacation. Next time I decide to travel, I might just pick up one of those tickets. After all, usually I only have two days for a trip. I would not want to waste half of that time on the road.